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In today’s  air-tight buildings, indoor air quality is a growing concern. Most large commercial building do not have windows that open to allow fresh air inside. Over time harmful pollutants can build up in the ventilation system and continue to circulate throughout the building causing serious health concerns if not removed.  In fact, the  Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution among the top 5 health issues in the United States.

Breathe easier… At Grand  Traverse Carpet Cleaners our team of professionals have combined proven techniques with the powerful advanced technology Rotobrush aiR+ ® duct cleaning  system to removed these harmful pollutants from your work environment. Unlike negative air cleaning systems that require hoses running outside, the Rotobrush aiR+® system is self-contained and does not require doors to be left open for pests and inclement weather to get inside your place of business.

Complete Commercial Duct Cleaning! 

  • All supply and return vent covers are carefully removed and thoroughly cleaned
  • Ductwork is accessed through each vent starting at the furthest point from the each furnace. No access holes cut into your ductwork.
  • High speed rotating brushes are inserted through the vent opening to scrub and dislodge years of built up dirt and debris. Our powerful high velocity HEPA filtered unit simultaneously removes dislodged harmful pollutants, dust and allergens as well as larger debris (that over time can clog your ducts) that those truck mount units simply can’t remove!
  • Once all supply & return ducts are cleaned the main trunk line is accessed through existing access plate and thoroughly cleaned using the same process right up to the furnace.
  • All accessible parts of furnace/AC unit(s) are completely cleaned (without dismantling) including the blower and evaporator coil.
  • Clean supply and return vent covers are replaced to original position.

Video Inspection

Post Cleaning Inspection With our state of the art Rotovision ® Portable Camera Unit our technicians can actually see deep inside your air ducts where  dust, dirt and debris are lurking contaminating the air your employees breath!  After cleaning is completed our technician will insert the Rotovision ® camera probe back into your ductwork to inspect that all areas are thoroughly cleaned assuring you of clean pollutant free air. Don’t wait for you or an employee to become ill from the air they’re breathing. Call today to have our air quality specialist assess your requirements and provide you with a free quote!

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