About Us

Grand Traverse Carpet Cleaners has been serving Northern Michigan for over 25 years!

About Us

We are locally known for our exceptional quality, competitive prices, and friendly staff!

Grand Traverse Carpet Cleaners LLC was founded in 1999 with operations serving Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Benzie counties. Rapid growth and increased demand has expanded our original 3 county service area to 8, encompassing over 350 square miles. We understand the unique and diverse demographics of servicing such a large area, while maintaining fair and affordable pricing to everyone. We have won several awards over the years and attribute that to our happy and loyal customer base!

As a local company, our owners and staff, live, work, and play in the same beautiful place as our customers. We feel it is a privilege to live in Northern Michigan and every dollar earned is put back into this community we love!

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